My Heart ❤️ 

My 2nd poem I wrote in 2012, inspired by my Ex Narcissist. Ps I’m not good but I wrote it from my heart.. at the time I believed it..
My Heart


You came out of nowhere,

took me by surprise

my heart started racing,

my body reacted in kind

i didnt see you coming,

but I saw it in your eyes.

to my soul you were familiar,

yet the trigoly boogled my mind


at first it was your words,

they directly hit my heart

I knew you were “the one”.

you owned it from the start

the more Ive come to know you

I see it ever so clearly;

my mind, my body and my soul

will cherish and hold it always dearly


I watched as two worlds collided

as you and me became a beautiful we

beleiving “we” is being divinely guided

Ive never been more sure

of anything before


As the journey of our lifetime

is about to be embarked

I want you to know that

you competely own my heart

I will stand by your side as your

lover, companion and your friend

thru thick and thin, to the final end!


Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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