They Speak of God and Angels… 

My first attempt at poetry…


They Speak of God and Angels,

Diseases of the Soul

Powerlessness and Surrender In their Stories I was told

They Speak about Forgiveness

And cleaning up the past

About a thing called humility, Will bring us serenity at last

They speak of self inventories,

To Review Ourselves each day

To promptly clean up anything, that crops up along the way

They speak of Prayer and meditation

To seek and one will find

For this is the only way to heal the body, soul and mind

They speak of an awakening,

Your sprit to come alive

To keep your feet moving, Will help you to survive

They speak of 12 steps

that will lift us from despair

To carry Gods message of Hope, Love and Care

They tell us to believe

In a Power we can not see

Honest, Open-minded and willing we must be

I listen and I learn

From what they have to say

Now I speak to share, That there is a better way

They speak of Gratitude,

From being throughout from the start

I now know that it works, Cuz I feel God in my heart! ❤

By Karin Smith  06/06


Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

6 thoughts on “They Speak of God and Angels… ”

      1. I am always blown away by the kindness and support between women on this site. There isn’t always a forum in day to day life for women to reach out and support each other, but here I see so many inspiring posts by beautiful women and it’s truly comforting ❤

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