By supporting you, I rise

“when we lift others up with our words, our prayers or our love and encouragement, we rise” Thank you!!!

Emerging From The Dark Night

It occurred to me today how much I gain by supporting others who are struggling like me.  I am so very grateful to WordPress as where I live I don’t find it easy to connect to those on a deeper path but on WordPress I have found amongst valuable followers and those I also follow a community of souls who I feel connected to.  I feel connected because people are  real about how hard it really is on the tough days, how at times they can feel entirely rooted to the spot by depression or unexpressed pain and sadness, how they suffer when they witness a world where idiots rise to power and then traumatise everyone who has to watch them spewing out hate and vitriol and silliness all over the place.  This is my community of like minded souls and I have been so helped on my darkest of dark days…

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Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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