Life is waiting for you

Face Everything And Recover.. this is survival! 💜

Emerging From The Dark Night


Life is there

Waiting patiently for you

Outside the gate

Can you trust it?

Can you open to it?

Do you know you have what it takes

To survive and thrive

So much hurting to work through

When he dropped you

You fell from a great height

Into depths that you thought you could never fathom

But you did

You almost drowned but learned slowly

To breathe under all of that water

So much loss you drowned out

So much loss you replayed due to not having yet

Fully felt the pain of the deepest and darkest of dark nights

But now your soul glimpses dawn

A new possibility on the horizon

Dare you reach out to take it

Or will you say no to life out of fear


False Evidence Appearing Real


Fuck Everything And Run

Don’t do it sweetie

Take a big deep breath

And step…

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Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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