Reflections of a Survivor of NPD Abuse

Once again, I am amazed … I could have written this verbatim, only I’m not 6 years along in my healing and restoring my life after the destruction, abuse, pain and misery of loving the Narcissist, nor am I a seasoned blogger or writer but I’m working on it! This blog sprinkles hope around my bruised heart…. for that I thank you!!


This week on Facebook, I’ve gotten a few notices for “My Moments” from 6 years ago. 6 Years ago, I was escaping an abusive relationship with a malignant narcissist. When I look at those pictures, I am flooded with many memories of what my struggles were at that point in my life. “Struggles” is the […]

via Reflections on My 6 Years Post Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse — After Narcissistic Abuse


Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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