The cold shut down thing that narcissism is was never your fault

This brought me to ‘healing’ tears. It’s a good thing because a garden doesn’t grow without water, and I’m in the process of rebuilding thr garden called my life 💜 #surviving

Emerging From The Dark Night

I get a bit triggered by recovery rage in terms of narcissistic abuse/recovery.  I still have a spot of compassion for the narcissist somewhere and when I think about it why should this be?  They act hurtfully without any care for our feelings putting their own needs first at every turn and then can act shaming and disparagingly towards us at the end when they dump and discard and blame us the victim who fell for it over and over and over again nurturing the seed they planted that some where some how there was some fatal flaw with us.

Really it would be right to be raging mad and show no forgiveness.  But maybe the one we most need to show forgiveness for in this situation is ourselves.  If we continue to feel sorry for and or make excuses for the narcissist it will end up badly and we…

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I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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