I Had To Go Back And Visit The Real You

I too, ‘have come to terms with the fact that I fell in love with a horrible person, an illusion.’ Thank you for writing ‘our’ stories! You truly are an inspiration to those who have also suffered. I hope your writings help others as much as they are helping me. I related so much, it’s like I could of written it… Feel, Deal, Heal!

So Long Sociopath

I had to go back yesterday, I didn’t want to, I knew with everything going on now it was the worst time to face our past. “Our past”. No matter how much you deny it we resided in Hell together for nearly three years, two of which were almost purgatory, waiting for the real demons to be unleashed and then when we moved in together it was nearly nine months of  fire and pain.

Someone recently asked me if I loved you, I laughed and replied “If I did not love him I would never had allowed him to destroy me.”  

I see you, sometimes, I see that you still hurt the women you engage with, I see you lying to the public, I see you pretending to be something you are not. If they knew how abusive you are, if they knew your name still terrifies my children…

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Author: lovesillusionblog

I'm just a girl, a lover, a fighter and a survivor....

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