In the End..

I’ve always loved this quote but today it hit me deeply and profoundly. My family has been dealing with 2 devasting losses over the last 3 weeks. Heroin addiction is a beast all by itself, it’s now robbing us of almost an entire generation.  They lived hard and they loved even harder! Rest easy now, your struggles are over. ❤️ Hate the disease, not the addict  


There’s  a Reason for every Season..

My grandfather, James J Laraia, my first idol, my first love, left me with his most favorite quote he said “love one, love many, but love yourself best of any”. 

This quote was my family’s motto. I saw it handwritten and taped, as a “little girl”, to every refrigerator our small, but beautiful family had. I didn’t understand it, to that “little girl” it sounded selfish.

My family would say their own interpretation of what it meant to them but When I was that” little girl” I remember my Grandpa L saying “you can’t fully love someone else, until you can fully love yourself.

My grandfather was larger than life to me… his words that he left that “little girl” with was a journey of understanding what they meant.  

I think I finally get it… 

I love you Grampa “L” ❤️

I broke another iphone…… UGH!!!

I’m literally going through iPhone withdrawal! Dropped my iPhone on Sunday, its been 4 frggin days, God willing my new one will arrive tomorrow….. its such a smart phone, that I am feeling stupid, I’m lost without it!! Unfortunately, without my  cell phone, (in the present) “I CAN’T” know in the moment. any of this list below lol

Smeared – 5 Reasons Why Smear Campaigns Are So Effective

With Knowledge Comes Power with Power Comes Healing….Against Narcissism


It is highly likely that you have been on the receiving end of a smear campaign. It is unusual if such a campaign is not used by our kind when dealing with the person who holds the position of pr…

Source: Smeared – 5 Reasons Why Smear Campaigns Are So Effective