Where would I even begin? 

Ok.. truth be told. I came here because I was told by a “mutual friend” thay my ex-fiancé had created a gofundme account and a blog to save his sorry ass from homelessness. My Curious mind couldn’t help herself. I laid in bed last weekend with a severe head cold and I took the bait .. I spent 2 days reading through his blog, if I wasn’t already feeling sick enough!   I hate myself for reacting to it! I just couldn’t help myself. He’s finally so transparent to me!! He duped me, I fell hard for him, and he made me believe he felt hard for me too. Narcissism at its finest. I finally found the real reason for my new blog. Stay tuned.. much more to follow. 


I will find my own voice and sing my song because if I dont sing it, it will not be sung. It is all I have and it is enough. I do not need to prove anything to anyone anymore. I have come home ~ to me. Today I know the truth of my own personal recovery. I stand centered and strong within my life and within my self. The truth was here along, only I forgot to look within instead of searching for me in other peoples meaning and I got lost in their stories. I am not lost today! Thank you Life for allowing me to see this! 

I am here.. 

I am here, therefore I am. I exist. I am life and love and soul. Any point of view different from this may be seen as a sort of denial, a psychological flight from the truth, and emotional defense. I am surrounded by all of life, I come from life, I am life and I will return to life. Today I choose to celebrate this. Thank you God for another 24 hour day, a daily reprieve!