There’s  a Reason for every Season..

My grandfather, James J Laraia, my first idol, my first love, left me with his most favorite quote he said “love one, love many, but love yourself best of any”. 

This quote was my family’s motto. I saw it handwritten and taped, as a “little girl”, to every refrigerator our small, but beautiful family had. I didn’t understand it, to that “little girl” it sounded selfish.

My family would say their own interpretation of what it meant to them but When I was that” little girl” I remember my Grandpa L saying “you can’t fully love someone else, until you can fully love yourself.

My grandfather was larger than life to me… his words that he left that “little girl” with was a journey of understanding what they meant.  

I think I finally get it… 

I love you Grampa “L” ❤️

Opps I did it again… 

Wtf is wrong with me??? Wtf is wrong with them? How do you meet someone and in under a month they are “in love”?? Really???? 

I’m learning my lessons a lot quicker, but still making really bad choices…. maybe I’ll never get it right, maybe I will? I’m trusting my gut, I’m trusting my first instinct. I will never, ever settle or accept what is unacceptable in my life ever, never again. 

In my happy place today…

I’m beyond excited that some of my family and friends are arriving Tuesday night. I can’t wait to share my piece of paradise and my new life with them.

I moved my entire life down to Florida in September, I’ve flown up north, during winter (ugh!) 4 times for different events, because I promised my children and grandchildren that are still living there that I would show up for as much as life allowed.

I miss my family and my friends in New England… but a woman needed to do what she needed to do to break free and survive.

My happy place is in my kitchen cooking and preparing for my most special people.  I’m listening to country music (one good thing that came out of the worst break up of my life, 24/7 I’m listening) blasting it in my beautiful condo, I’m dancing 💃🏼 , singing and cooking, I just realized I haven’t felt this happy in a very long time!

Ooo and when I clean up the kitchen blowup, because that’s how I cook, I’m slipping on my bikini 👙 and heading to the pool for my 2nd happy place,  Vitamin D!!!

Don’t hate, recreate! 

I am Grateful….

I am grateful, God, for all you have given me, and ALL you have taken away. Thank you for the soundness of mind, the will to live and the desire to continue growing along spiritual lines. Thank you for relieving me of the bondage of self and of others, for taking away the pain and the suffering. I am grateful God that my faith in you allows me to live without fear today. Thank you for the self confidence and sense of well being. And thank you dear God, for making it possible for me to feel this way right now. I am faith-filled, fearless and free!