On This Day 1 Year Ago…. Justice was Served

June 28, 2016 was the day justice was finally served. It was also the day I started to reclaim my life as I once knew it, before falling for all the lies, abuse, destruction, and devastation that comes along with loving the narcissist. My favorite quote from on that day was “You have been before this court 5 times for domestic assault against the same household victim. We, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, find you Guilty and you are being sentence to 18 Months in the Plymouth House of Correction”.

Since that day my life has moved at very quickly…. and so many wonderful things began to happen and today I can honestly say.. I have recreated my life and I am flying free!!




The Process of Life and Death

Process Of Life and Death
the day comes when breath
heaves once and is gone
increase of uprising and
morosely easing into
and then the stark vision
of darkness and shape
aged in a century until
dust to know the earth again
to where it flies and splashes
harmoniously spins neatly
joins the awesome pulse grasps
knowledge ebbs slowly inward
unknown there save newer
land tilled and weeded again
damp magnificent space and
then again co-joined reality
strengthened mightily one
time in timeless beauty
breathing in and screaming
out until is pulses again
this is natures law without
restrictions this is life
kissing death in unison

A Poem about the Pain of a Narcissistic Relationship by Deborah Allin

Been here, done this… Currently a work in progress in the process of healing the pain from loving a narcissist…

An Upturned Soul

kiss_the_ghost_by_mon_artifice-d2iugtsKiss the ghost by Mon-artifice

You pull me in
I am erased
Filled with feelings
That have nothing to do with me
You use me as a mirror
Of yourself
You won’t feel so lost
But I will be
When you leave
I will be drained
Since you suck
All the life out of me
Yet persist with the illusion
Of giving
I am used
Later to be rejected
Since I reflect back to you
Aspects of yourself
You cannot bear to see
I am not who you thought I was
Because in me
It scared you to see
What you could not bear to face
I am lost in longing
That I think is for you
But really it is for someone
Who will see my true self
Since you are only reflecting back
All that is not me
I feel frustration and utter despair
You don’t like my…

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